See the Ozarks Through a Different Lens
See the Ozarks Through a
Different Lens
Where Our Plans Are Always
Where Our Plans Are Always
"up in the air"
Meet the Pilot Burt Ballard

Meet the Pilot

Burt Ballard
Burt's journey took flight when he received an introductory flight for his 16th birthday, igniting his passion for flying. After earning his private pilot's license at 17, his unwavering dedication to aviation led him to even dream of owning a plane. Although his request to his parents at 19 was denied, his persistence paid off upon retirement when he finally acquired his own aircraft. Now, with 41 years of marriage to Tammy, three children, and four cherished grandkids in South Louisiana, they enjoy visits and memorable experiences together in the Ozarks. Burt's abiding love for flying has inspired him to share the rare opportunity of an extraordinary aviation adventure in the Ozarks.
Meet the Plane Piper Cherokee 180

Meet the Plane

Piper Cherokee 180
Crafted ideally for  tours, the Piper Cherokee 180 stands as a four-seat aircraft. Its unpressurized, all-metal configuration encompasses a single piston engine and a tricycle landing gear. Upon stepping onto the wing and entering through the singular doorway, you will ascend into the skies, treated to magnificent vistas through its array of windows.
Things to
Keep In Mind
Photography is allowed and encouraged on the plane.
No Pets
Pets will not be allowed on air tours under any circumstances. Medical/aid pets are allowed depending on the scenario.
Food / Snacks
Food, snacks, and drinks are prohibited, but are available at the airport before & after your scheduled tour.
During the tour you'll be equipped with a headset in order to hear/speak with the pilot.
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